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December 29 at 8:44am

How Ridiculous! Impossible Basketball Shots Made Possible

By Ted Hope

MrsP guest blogs again today!

It is inspiring to see a group of teens giving back with their talents. I love that not only are they having such a great time, but they are thinking of other people too, by adopting a charity. Not to mention the amazing basketball shots they are able to make.

“How ridiculous”

This group of teens from Australia have several more videos up on YouTube.  Check them out.

MrsP.com, honored with the American Library Associations Great Site for Kids distinction, creates and publishes free video stories read and performed by acclaimed T.V. actress Kathy Kinney. The site has no advertising and offers interactive games, coloring sheets, and activity guides along with “show me the words” options on every story to help early readers, and ESL students. http://www.MrsP.com

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  1. Dana / Dec 29 at 8:44am

    Here is a fun news story on these kids too! http://tinyurl.com/2a2ndwt

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