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October 18 at 10:36am

Rube Goldberg’s Spawns!

By Ted Hope

Why is watching something do lots of stuff for no reason other than to keep moving so entertaining? Is there a section of the brain that loves useless complexity?  Was it really Rube Goldberg that really got this glorious contraption ball rolling.

We’ve sniffed out a bowlful of such wonderfully organized chaos to place in The Bowl today.
It’s hard to find a well shot video of the Goldbergian devices that call themselves art.  But this one qualifies:

George Rhoads seems to be the most recognized complicated-marble-run-as-art maker out there but unfortunately I have not been able to locate any quality videos of his machines in action.  You can see a lot of what he’s made right here though.

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  1. Miranda / Oct 18 at 10:36am

    Crusoe is a new series on network TV (Friday nights at 8), which we watched with our kids last night, because we had enjoyed reading Robinson Crusoe. The show is fairly mediocre and reportedly is already going to be canceled, but there are many Rube Goldberg devices in it, all functional.

  2. Spark / Oct 18 at 10:36am

    I just recently started working on making some good videos of George Rhoads ball machines. I'm putting a short movie together right now, but you can also see some clips at our website here: http://ballmachinesculptures.c… or on youtube (look for videos by creativemachines).

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